About Us:

Our philosophy is to provide the best orthodontic treatment that we can at the most appropriate age. Because many orthodontic problems can be detected at an early age, we recommend that the first orthodontic visit occur at age 5 to 7 years. If significant problems are noted at this age then frequently a two phase treatment plan will be recommended. The tissues that house and surround the teeth are very amenable to modification at this age as they grow rapidly. We also find that younger patients are more accepting of treatment and usually we are able to make the process a fun one. Treatment at this age we call Phase 1, and normally takes 12 to 15 months.

Once all the teeth have erupted, we consider proceeding with the final phase of treatment. This is called Phase 2, and usually involves full braces for 12 to 15 months.

In more severe cases, if the patient has finished growing or reached adulthood, treatment will be performed in one longer phase and may involve tooth extractions and or surgery to the jaws.

Age is no barrier to orthodontic treatment providing the teeth and supporting structures are reasonably healthy. The age range of patients we treat spans from babies 7 days old (usually with cleft palate treatment) to men and women in their 6th and 7th decades.

We strive to use the latest proven techniques and appliances whilst also maintaining the highest standards of sterilization.

Meet Our Doctor

I am the Orthodontist at Smiles By Pocock and started the practice all the way back in June 1989. I was previously a General Dentist since 1976 in England, Australia and Canada. One of my favorite things about Orthodontics is the three dimensional problem solving that it demands! I especially enjoy having the privilege to work with so many different and interesting clients, from our cleft lip and palate babies through our young patients to teenagers, adults, seniors, and challenged patients. I am incredibly proud of my excellent staff that is not only highly skilled, but are a fabulous group of caring people to work with! Seeing the smiles and confidence of our patients is the best reward, I truly have the best job in the world! When my team and I area not busy bringing out the confidence of our patients through their smiles, I am usually found on my boat, on my bike or on my skis!

Meet Our Staff

I joined the practice in August 2008 and my position here is New Patient Coordinator. I have many talents that I bring to the Smiles By Pocock team! Some of these include; my organizational skills, my ability to multi task, attention to detail and my commitment. I am innovative and willing to tackle anything! I love people and my bubbly personality is definitely a key in my role here. My favourite parts of my job are the fast-paced, yet fun and friendly environment, the new and always improving technology and watching the kids grow up and their smiles transform. I love the fact that my "OCD" personality is more than welcome! In my spare time I love to watch movies, preferably comedies, and spending time with my 2 dogs, Maggie and Kaleb! I also love to doodle and do my nails. Fashion is also a major interest of mine, especially shoes, purses, jewelry and of course anything SPARKLY!!!!

I started at Smiles By Pocock as an Orthodontic CDA in 1997, and now work at the front as a Receptionist and Financial Coordinator. My favourite part about working in our office is seeing the before and after results of all our wonderful patients! In my spare time I love reading and stitching!

I have been the Receptionist for Smiles By Pocock since opening day in June 1989 as I am Dr. Pocock's wife. Over the years I have built wonderful relationships with all our patients and their families, and my friendly and inviting personality is always welcome! I love dealing with people in general, which has helped build quite the community within our office. It's absolutely wonderful to see the finished results of the patients and to see how it helps their confidence! When I'm not smiling at the front desk I am usually found with my daughter, Sara, either watching her horse shows or shopping for shoes! Most of all, I love to spend time with my family, especially travelling with my husband Paul.

I joined the Smiles By Pocock team in June 2001 as an Orthodontic CDA, and over the years jumped at the chance learn new things like how to revamp our office's letter system and to have fun with things such as office contests, website/facebook updates and our office newsletter/emails too. I have 25 years experience working in the dental field, including orthodontics, general dentistry and prosthodontics. I enjoy working with the people in our office and the patients of all ages that come to us. It is interesting to watch the kids grow up! What I like most about our office is that we are a patient focused environment. I also love that Dr. Pocock is committed to bringing the most up to date technology and techniques into the practice to benefit our patients. It is gratifying to help Dr. Pocock create beautiful smiles - which have a long lasting impact on our patient's self esteem and quality of life! My personal interests include singing, song writing (and I am a confessed Karaoke "Kween".) I also love to power walk (outdoors), rebounding and practising Tai Chi. It is important to me to continue furthering my education and have acquired my certification as a Counselling Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and more recently completed the Provincial Instructors Diploma modules. In 1995, I took a short sabatical from dentistry and worked 2 years in a Naturopathic office as a counselor and lifestyle coach. When I can, I volunteer for and support a number of environmental preservation/educational groups. I live on the North Shore with 2 kooky cats and currently my son is staying with me while he completes his studies at Fine Arts College.

I started at Smiles By Pocock in January 2006 as an Orthodontic CDA. I am always first in the office in the morning bright eyed and bushy tailed! My happy and outgoing personality are much appreciated around the office. I love my co-workers and all of our fantastic patients! It is so wonderful to work in an environment with such great work space and the best view in the city! As a mom of 3 boys, it's hard to find time for myself as I am usually juggling trying to get them to football, soccer, rugby and taekwondo. When I do find a window of time I enjoy hiking in the woods with my Woodle Iko, painting, drawing and art in general!

I joined the Smiles By Pocock team in September 2005 as an Orthodontic CDA. I am a team player has a quirky sense of humour! I love the diversity of our patients, all our high tech gadgets and gizmo's, and of course our beautiful view! My hobbies include hiking, biking, reading, snow shoeing and travelling. I also enjoy spending time with the family, my 2 kids and our adorable dog Sadie.

I started working for Smiles By Pocock in April 2007 as their personal Lab Technician. Previously I took a training course at Great Lakes to learn how to make orthodontic appliances. It was a natural path for me to take as Dr. Pocock is my father and I have been hearing about it most of my life! I really enjoy working for my dad, I couldn't have asked for a better boss! I also love that I live so close to the office that I get to enjoy, not just the walk to work everyday, but also the fantastic view! My favourite things to do when I'm not at work are golfing and skiing!